Habana Premium Cigar Shoppes offer great deals on the hottest products no matter the time of year. Be sure to stop by our stores for the latest discounts, blowouts and secret sales!
Matchstick Program (Cigar Savings)
  • 20% Off Your Entire Purchase when you buy a box
    (20 Same Sticks or More)
  • 15% Off 20 mixed cigar purchase
  • 10% Off 10 cigar purchase
  • 5% Off 5 cigar purchase
Bagged Tobacco Appreciation Program
RYO Frequent Flyer Club

We are the only store in the area that offers rewards for your RYO purchases.

  • Earn a stamp with every bag of loose tobacco you buy.
  • 12 Stamps=1 Free Bag!
Electronic Cigarette Program

Looking for a one-stop source for e-cigs?

  • 10% Off any eCig purchase of 10 or more.